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The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is the coordinator of a national network of medical libraries with over 6,000 members. The reliability of the information provided by the centers, divisions and other units of NLM is backed by professional opinions of independent experts in their respective fields. Founded in 1836, NLM provides access to up-to-date information and electronic resources. Millions of people can take advantage of the data made available by The National Library of Medicine, and there is also an impressive print collection to explore. The website of the Library of Medicine offers free articles on a range of subjects, a medical dictionary, information on drugs and diseases, as well as results of clinical trials and important biomedical literature for self-education.

One of NLM’s purposes is to make as much medical information as possible available to millions of individuals and thousands of communities in the United States of America and other parts of the world. The National Library of Medicine works closely with international organizations, federal agencies and public health institutions for the scientific information to be widely available at any time. From the moment of its foundation, the National Library of Medicine has been representing medical societies, foundations, health science libraries and hospitals trying to inform the public and make everyone aware of the recent developments in the field.

The National Library of Medicine offers plenty of exciting opportunities when it comes to learning more about the history of medicine. Everyone interested can visit local exhibits that historians from NLM organize, hosted by local universities and libraries. NLM tours are available to those visiting Washington DC, along with exhibitions, workshops and interactive computer displays.  Using NLM, one can easily access around 18 million references from several thousand biometric journals. Often, there is a link to the full text of the article you are interested in, which helps the library promote health awareness and inform the public of new developments in the industry. The importance of National Library of Medicine is difficult to overestimate, as it’s currently one of the most well-known centers offering education opportunities and making significant contribution to health sciences in the United States.

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Over the 2-year period of the study, 627 patients were admitted to the unit. Among these, 463 patients were admitted for postoperative care (372 were intubated). ARF occurred in 96 patients after extu-bation. Eighteen patients required immediate intubation without trying to perform NPPV, and 6 patients were reintubated for surgical complications requiring a new surgical […]

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Patient Selection and Exclusion This study was conducted in a 12-bed surgical ICU during a 24-month period (January 1 2000 to January 1 2002). All patients who received NPPV for ARF after abdominal surgery were prospectively included. The study was approved by the ethics committee of the hospital. The requirement for obtaining written informed consent […]

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